ARMA 2 Game Statistics

Server List

Server Mission Mode Island Players Version State
RU WS.ARMA.SU - Wasteland Utes - RU Wasteland - Custom version by Sa-Matra (v15, Utes) COOP Utes 3 1.63.131129 Playing
DE [GER] ZombieApocalypse |PVE|Bank|Missions|StartBox|HighPerforma Welcome to [GER] ZombieApocalypse |PVE| Press F3 to open the pl COOP Chernarus 3 1.63.131129 Playing
DE [DE]New PVE| Alone in the Wild|Overpoch Sauerland Welcome to DayZ Overpoch Sauerland PVE COOP Sauerland 1 1.63.131129 Playing
DE Over9000 Panthera DB 05.10. | XP-Perks | Gamble | Plant Weed Welcome to Over9000 Epoch Panthera. Enjoy your stay. COOP Panthera2 8 1.63.131129 Playing
FR [Winter Gaming]Epoch 1062|RESURRECTION|High FPS|XP System|JSRS| Winter Gaming Epoch Chernarus COOP Chernarus 2 1.63.131129 Playing
CA yRun|FullyMilitarized|5MillStart|PayChecks|HellaLoot|CustomServ yRun Custom Overpoch COOP Chernarus 5 1.63.131129 Playing
CA Overpoch Panthera PVE Friendly FAST DEDI ZnL( ZnL's DayZ Overpoch Panthera COOP Panthera2 2 1.63.131129 Playing